Earth Science Monitoring

Hawaiian Earth Science Monitoring

Collaborators: John Stock (US Geological Survey) 
Researchers: Sebastian Hening, Jeremy Baumgartner 

The goal of this project was to develop sensors and flexible sensing networks for earth science phenomena (magnetic fields, dust particles etc.) Prototype sensing unit collecting data in front of Mauna Kea, Hawaii.


Estimating Terrain  Corrections For Gravity Measurements 

Collabortor: Jonathan Glen (US Geological Survey)
Researchers: Leon Kaub (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Shaurya Chopra, Christopher Seruge



SIERRA Project

Collaborator:  Jonathan Glen (US Geological Survey) 

Researchers: Pattawong Pansodtee, Samira Zare, Sina Kahnemouyi, 


Designing a common payload Data System For the next version of SIERRA UAV. Programming sensors, integrating circuits, simulations, and stress analysis have been made.  The CPDS includes multiple Sensors, Onboard Computer, Thermal Camera, and Gas analyzer to collect data from an environment in order to store the data for the further use.  

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